Reflecting on a Year Without Mom: Embracing Her Legacy of Love and Listening

We recently passed a full year since my mom passed away. This milestone, her one-year heavenly anniversary, prompted me to reflect on the profound void her departure has left in my life and in the lives of my family. My mom was the matriarch, and we all sort of orbited around her. In her absence, we've had to navigate a world that feels less anchored, where her laughter doesn't fill the room, and her wisdom isn't a phone call away. Yet, as I look back on this year, I realize it's been a journey of discovering how much of her lives on in us.

The Heart of Our Family

My mom was more than just a parent; she was the heart of our family. She was the quintessential listener, the one who not only heard but truly listened to the details of our lives. It didn't matter if the news was exciting or mundane; she invested herself in our stories, rejoicing in our happiness and sympathizing with our sorrows.

Her ability to remember and follow up on the countless happenings of our lives always amazed me. She would inquire about friends we had asked her to pray for, remembering each by name and situation. Her interest in her grandchildren and their friends was genuine and deep, always eager to celebrate their successes and offer comfort in their times of need.

An Example of Selflessness

Reflecting on her life, I am struck by the sheer selflessness with which she approached every day. Her world revolved around us, her family, but it was a choice made out of boundless love. She found joy in our joy and sought to ease our burdens whenever she could. To say she was the most selfless person I have ever known would be an understatement; she embodied love in action, always placing the needs and well-being of others above her own.

Following in Her Footsteps

Losing my mom has been the most challenging journey of my life. Yet, in the midst of grief, I've found a purpose that pushes me forward: I want to be like her. I want to be someone known for their listening ear, for their willingness to share in both the joys and sorrows of others. More than anything, I want to be sure that people feel seen and loved, just as my mom made us feel every day of our lives.

Following in the footsteps of such a beautiful soul is no small task. It's a commitment to asking about the friend someone mentioned in passing, to remembering the little details that show people they matter, to celebrating the victories and offering a shoulder when life doesn't go as planned.

In Her Memory

My mom's legacy is a blueprint for how to live a life filled with purpose, love, and genuine connections. As I navigate this world without her, I find comfort in the lessons she left behind. I understand now more than ever the power of listening, not just hearing. In every conversation, every shared silence, every moment of laughter or tears, there's an opportunity to honor her memory and carry forward the love she brought into our lives.

Though she may no longer walk beside us, she inluences every aspect of our lives. In striving to be more like her, I hope to become a source of comfort and love to those around me. Here's to you, Mom, and the countless ways you've shaped our lives. Your legacy of love and listening continues to guide us, and in honoring you, we learn to see and love others as you always did.


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